Thursday, February 23, 2012

Busy Day!!!

We had a pretty busy day today.  Sometimes I can't believe how much we fit in.  I will say right now that I have lots of photos.  I wanted to include a few from all our fun stuff today, since there was so much to do and fun to be had!!

Lil Bit's Mom brought us some neat stuff called Flarp.  You can usually get it in the dollar bin at Micheal's Craft Store and it is great fun.  It feels squishy, wet, and slimy but you don't get all yucky while playing with it.  It reminds me a little of Silly Putty, but it feels slimy and wet, but it isn't really wet.  It a cool experience!!

Everyday at Circle Time we do music and movement... I have found this helps our littlest guys and girls keep the wiggles down to a minimum.  We LOVE Jim Gill.  Jim Gill was a presenter at the NAFCC Conference in Las Vegas this past summer and I bought as many CD's as I could while I was there.  We are hooked on his The Sneezing Song and other Contagious Tunes CD right now, particularly the Hands Are For Clapping song.  It gets up, moving, clapping, snapping, tapping, and brushing our teeth... it's great fun!!  

Scamp trying to snap... to cute!!

Slapping our knees...
we could do it hard, soft, fast, slow, and even while we jumped up and down!!!

We have also been learning about the color Pink!!  We love Pink!!  
Today we did some golf ball painting with red and white paint... what do you think happened??
Yup, it turned pink!!!  How fun!!

Yup, you thought that was it didn't you... nope.  We even got to take a quick walk around the block today.  The weather was unbelievably warm.  Out we went for an adventure!!!

Lil Bit bringing up the caboose ;)

"You still with me Shell??"

Finding treasures in our pockets

Little Man collected "Pokey Plants"
(some sort of pod with pokey points sticking out all over)


"Got one too!!"

We had a very busy morning and enjoyed it totally!!  It went by so quick, I couldn't believe how late it was when we got back to start lunch.  We all worked up an appetite and eat our fill, hopefully our nap will be restful and complete ;)

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  1. That's what I love about kids---even "Pokey Plants" are facinating & amazing to them. Nothing like a little one to make you see the world anew.

    Lil Bit's Grammy