Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wow... Another Field Trip!!

We have a great old garden center right around the corner. It is housed in an old brick building that smells of years worth of fertilizer, lime, peat moss, soil and flowers. It is an exciting experience visiting as an adult, I knew the kids would just love it!!

You never know what you'll find and trying to guess what it is used for is part of the fun. Talking about Fall and what happens to trees and flowers this week helped to prepare us for the different things we saw. But this huge wheel barrel full of soil was a lot of fun to look into. We guessed that maybe a dinosaur was buried under all that soil, or maybe flowers, worms and leaves.

Mmmmm... that smells good.

Whoa... what is that???

That's silly!!!

Experiencing the sights and smells too!!!

Getting a picture of this crew isn't hard, it's just getting a good picture, with everyone at least looking my way, is impossible!!!

Ok guys... follow me!!!

Taking our treasures home.

After visiting Brawley Garden Center we went to the local park.

What fun!!!

Look at Little Man trying his hand at climbing the climbing wall... he did pretty good for his first time. He didn't get all the way up, but he used muscles I don't think even he knew he had :)

Sprout really wanted to figure out this climbing wall and she worked at it until she finally made it to the top. After she succeeded in getting up it, she must have climbed it another 10 times to master it. We were all very proud of her!!!

Lil Bit here found those turny things with pictures on them. There isn't really a use for them except to turn them and look at the pictures. I never really liked them before, but today Scamp and Lil Bit spent a lot of time turning them and looking at the pictures.

Look how big this Scamp is getting!!!

We tried again for a group photo during our water break... only 1 looking at me, but Sprout looks so cute I had to use this one!!!

Another successful Field Trip!! What fun we had... next week it is off to a nature trail to look at Fresh Fall Leaves. I hope they will be turning colors by then, if not, we may just have to go again the following week :)

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