Thursday, October 20, 2011

Art, Pictures, and 1 Adult

Ok, I know all you providers out there who watch your crew all by yourself will know what I am talking about. Today we wanted to complete our pumpkins we started this week and get to our marble painting spider webs. We started our webs when Scamp was taking her morning nap, as her hands are the fastest ones I have seen in a long time :)

It was a lot of fun... although Lil Bit and Little Man got a little white paint in places on my wall I didn't think it could get to, but apparently when you "fling" the spoon out of the bowl, paint can get literally anywhere, I digress.

Lil Bit had fun putting the marbles onto the paper, but she would have rather used her hands to smudge the paint around (which she did).

This was our first attempt... the rest we let her use her hands :)

I love watching the kids look on. There are so intent in watching.

Now it's time to Shake, Shake, Shake!!!



(Little Man cannot contain himself at this point! He can't wait to get his hands on this project!!)

Look at his face... he is amazed.

He got the hang of the Shake, Shake, Shake part quickly... but he really loved watching those magic marbles create the "spider web"

Lil Bit LOVES to finger paint!!

Here Scamp and I are creating her pumpkin. It was really, really hard to get a photo of it

Being by myself with the kids and doing arts and crafts has proven to be a little bit of a dilemma for me this year. I have always had an open art area, where the kids have a certain amount of art materials at their disposal at all times. This year is the first year that I can't have that. With 3 little ones, instead of just 1 like I have had in the past, I just can't keep up with the dumping, mouthing, and breaking of everything. When I do get out a craft, which is pretty much everyday, I try to get photo's of it so parents know we do get creative on a daily basis :). Another dilemma!! With Scamp and Lil Bit I usually have to be right next to them helping, directing, or saving someone else's paper, so I usually have no hands free or just 1. As you can tell from the photo above of Scamp and I, I only had 1 hand free. But, I don't want to leave her photo out, so I make do. Maybe I will get one of those table top tripods with my next fancy, dancy camera and maybe it will have a remote with a button to take the picture when ever I want to and not a timer... ok, I can dream can't I??

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