Thursday, October 13, 2011

We Went on a Fall Hunt!!

Teaching the 3 and under set can be challenging sometimes. Seasons, weather, and passing of time can all be a little confusing to little ones. We have read books on Fall, we have talked about what grows or doesn't grow, how the weather begins to get cooler and the most obvious sign of fall... the leaves changing. Yet, when I ask about what we just read in our book or what we just talked about, sometimes I still get we go swimming in the Fall. Not that it's bad, but I figured it was time for some hands on learning. Get outdoors and put some concrete examples in their little hands!!

On our Fall Hunt we were looking for anything we had been reading about, leaves of different colors, pumpkins, scarecrows, flowers (both dormant or alive) and even bugs that may come out more often because it is cooler or damp (worms).

Here is what we found...

What a beautiful garden... we pointed out the scarecrow (though Sprout thought it could be a cowboy) and the pretty purple mums.

We found wet, slimy leaves. Sprout and Roo both observed that the leaves weren't green anymore.

Yay Pumpkins!!!

We were walking up a new street and we all noticed this great big, beautiful Fall tree!! The color was brilliant!!

Mmmmm... that smells good!!

Look I found a Fall Leaf too!!

Playing Peek-a-Boo!!

A lone dandelion :)

I have to say that our neighbors house is our favorite every year. They get all decked out and each year they add new things to the yard. This year we found a great big, gigantic SPIDER!!! They positioned it on top of a bush so it was semi-camouflaged... but we saw it and HAD to get a closer look!!

Whoa... that is big!!
What a great way to end our Fall Hunt!! The kids gathered lots of items, but we didn't bring our nature bags, which means they didn't make it home with us. I think the hands on approach worked well, because now I can relate things we see in a book to things we saw on our walk.

Today we took the green sand out of the indoor sensory table and added some boats and water. I am going to put leaves, pine cones, and other Fall things into for next week, but thought it would be good to clean it out today and with it clean, we thought what could be more fun than water!! Let the Splashing commence!!!


I got this... I LOVE the water table!!!

Me too!! I swear Shell, I didn't drink it. I may have tried, but see, it all got on my shirt!!

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