Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's a Jammie Day!!!!

It is raining out and we thought it would be a great day for a jammie day!!! And it has been!!! We took out our rainy day box and used hoops that we can jump into, through, or crawl in or through ;) The tunnel also came out and there was a lot of crawling through, pushing the ball through, and just plain getting in there and staying, no matter who else wants to get through. There was snuggles, hugs, and books too. It was a beautiful, rainy day!!!

Look at my yogurt face!!!

Scamp is becoming a pro at standing, walking, and pushing... soon it will be running, Oh No!!

Scamp does slow down for a snuggle and hug every once in awhile...

Awwww... a snuggly baby, what more could anyone want!!!

(Thanks Mom & Dad for sharing her with me!!!)

Playing "Stinky Toes"

Sprout loved getting all her animals and toys and playing in the Toddler Garden

Ya like my jammies Shell??
I sure do Little Man!!!

Saying Grace before lunch... is that to precious!!!

I never dread rainy days. There is always a schedule, things to be done, and weather to be taken advantage of before winter comes, that sometimes it is nice to have an excuse to just be. Get on the floor, hug and snuggle the little ones and enjoy the home environment and flexibility of home childcare.

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