Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Been Awhile...

It's been awhile since I have last been here. I couldn't believe so much time had passed. We have been busy, busy this past week. My camera is on it's last leg, it has been dropped, submerged, kicked, and now taken apart. Thankfully, I got it to work again. I was worried it would be stuck on movie forever. After a little fiddle here and a tweak there, I was able to get it to take and download photos again!! Yeah. I will cross my fingers it will last until I can save up some money to invest in another one :)

What have we been doing?? Well....

We have been learning to play ball!!

Playing in the water table is always fun!!

And educational... Roo is practicing her pouring skills!!!

Little Man is practicing Squeezing water from his cloth... he had a lot of fun with that one, especially when he took it to the table and left a trail of water (lots of water) behind him. I think we need a little more practice ;)

The girls LOVED cleaning the toys.

We made pumpkin puppets for our 5 Little Pumpkins song

Little Man used roll-on paint to decorate his Fall Tree

I don't think Lil Bit knew which she liked better, the roll-on paint or the Do-A-Dot paint... as long as it got on her hands she was a very happy girl :)

We even got to do a little baking. We have been trying to bake every Monday morning, this way we have some yummy snacks to nibble on during the week. My husband enjoys it a lot!!!

We did so much more... like painting, playing outside, dancing to music, pretending to be leaves and apples falling from trees, we even practiced kicking the ball outside in the yard. If I were to get it all on my camera I would never put it down. Yet, I forget sometimes all the little stuff and never get photos of us rolling on the floor playing get your belly, or sitting reading books, doing finger songs, or getting ready for breakfast, lunch or snack. There are so many little moments during the day I wish I could capture, because sometimes it's the things we adults think of as mundane, repetitive or insignificant that mean the most to a child.

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