Monday, May 2, 2011

A Few Things We Did Today

Getting back into being at Shell's house couldn't have gone any better. It was a beautiful day, we had some new work on the shelf, and seeing our friends after a 2 week hiatus was pure joy!!! The kids found something new on practically every shelf this morning, but a few of our favorites were...

New Glue Bottles... with little paint style brushes to paint the glue on, Fun!!!

New Blocks!!!

A Magnetic Fishing Game

There was also some new science work on the shelf, but I was so busy with the kids I couldn't get pictures. I am sure I will catch someone playing with them this week and post later on.

Since it was a gorgeous, although a little humid, day, we went outside to play this morning. Little Man is moving all around and I was quite busy keeping up with him, so again, no photos of our outdoor play. We did the usual though... sand table, sand box, climbing, running, basketball, and swinging to name just a few. I am happy all the kids are back, I missed them.

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