Thursday, May 26, 2011

Outside & Nap Time

Wow, it's hot out there!!! We have been using water so much lately due to the very high temperatures here in NC. Today we had out spray bottles, paint brushes, and other equipment meant to be carried around and used in any way the kids saw fit. Well, I got my camera to click some photos, thinking I would have drenched little ducks running around, instead I found the three girls up in the "tree house" playing with a cash register they found and some "Life" money that was inside (it was a little windy and I had Life & Monopoly money blowing all over the yard). I don't know if you can tell from the photos how red their little faces are, but they looked hot up there, even though the breeze was blowing beautifully through the "tree house," as they dubbed the new climbing structure D-Man's Grandma & Grandpa donated to us!!! Yet, they would not come down. I had to go over and physically carry them out of their little perch. They were not happy with me :) but lunch had to be made and another round of water had to be passed out.

The two boys were busy finding rocks all over the yard. D-Man had his T-Ball hat with him today, and was using that to carry all his treasures in and Little Man thought that was interesting. They would wander around and then come back to the shaded awning to cool off and Little Man would take a moment to practice his climbing and sliding skills.

We also put our green sand in the sensory table today. I took the soil tub out and will use that for a water table tomorrow with some bugs in it. So, I bought the green sand a long time ago, and thought I put it into the garage, but when I went looking last night I couldn't find it anywhere. I found some regular sand, used in the yard, that my husband bought a while ago, and thought I would have to use that, but Princess said she knew where the sand was and a second later, she was carrying this big bag of green sand into the playroom... I love that kid!!! She knows Miss Michelle has a tendency to misplace things, and if it's something good, she will always know where I put it.

Nap Time... I find nap time to be both a blessing and a curse. Of course the kids need a rest period, especially those under the age of 4. Eventually though, kids begin to grow out of the need to rest. We make sure everyone has some sort of rest time, then if they are still awake after 20 or 30 mins, then they can either read books, play with our I Spy Letter Bags, or play with puzzles. I find that the winter is the hardest time for nap time. Even though we are busy, inside and out, it isn't anything like the summer, where the heat and activity wear these guys out. These photos were taken right before we laid our heads down to rest...

(Sprout's turn for sleeping in the house)

(How cute are babies sleeping with their tush in the air)

Today we made a fort in the playroom, so much fun!! The toddlers and baby had so much fun just going in and out!! Princess & D-Man had to reign them in to "play house" with them. Lots of squealing and giggling, but all in all, it went really great. They had a lot of fun.

They also, somehow, talked me into leaving it up and letting someone sleep in it. I asked how would I be able to choose... the preschoolers came up with the idea of the "best listener" being able to sleep in the fort. We took a vote and the winner was....

Although Princess was the best listener today, I will now leave it up until EVERYONE is the best listener at least once... or I will have to make lots of forts for everyone to sleep in tomorrow :)

Another fun day!!!

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