Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Forming Friendship over the Soil Tub

While talking about the letter Zz and the Zoo kept us busy today, it was the tub of soil, tiny dinosaurs, buckets and shovels that was a favorite for another day. While there is a bit of soil on the floor, on a constant basis, it's not to bad. I thought with Little Man and 2 toddlers that the mess would be a whole lot worse. Yet, it hasn't been to bad. It has given each child a wonderful sense of freedom and independence when they are able to get the mini broom and dust pan out and sweep the dirt off the floor. Even Little Man tries, although he usually ends up trying to eat the broom, so we have to watch him carefully :)

These three little ones are learning to work together each day. It is hard work for them to maneuver through this part of growing up. Sharing is really, really hard. Today was an interesting day. I watched as Little Miss M and Sprout did the sharing dance all day. It was a lot of testing, pushing the limits, and "tattling." Yet, in the end, both of them worked through it and were actually playing wonderfully together, as well as with Little Man.

Having a small home child care gives me the opportunity to work with each child individually, as well as in a small group. I am able to give words to situations, model correct behavior, praise positive outcomes and help them work things out when tempers get a little ruffled. With only 5 children at any given time, I will see almost everything and I can help them work through it. The good and the bad :)

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