Monday, May 16, 2011

We Are Still Here

Haven't been able to post daily lately, so much going on. We have been practicing for our Graduation Program, wrapping up our last alphabet letters, enjoying the wonderful weather, and doing a lot of playing. So here are just a few photo's from last week to keep you updated...

Little Miss M and Sprout cooking together in the kitchen area... Thanks Miss Jada for the GREAT Chef Aprons & Hats!!

Little Man helping the kids wash the playroom table!! Water, bubbles, and wash clothes... who would have thought cleaning could be so much fun :)

Using the weight work from the shelf... they love matching the weighted cylinders, but I added a scale and it became much more of a group activity.

With lots of discussion, questions and explanations to the little ones on what was happening and why. I loved listening to Princess and D-Man explaining why the scale did or did not balance to the the little ones. I heard, "because they are wet." (they weren't), "because they have the same dot on the bottom" (some did, some didn't) and my favorite... "because I wanted it to be the same heavy." I love it.

We made flower pots and planted flowers for our Mom's for Mother's Day. This was the left over soil. We had a great time exploring and playing with it all week. So much so, that it is still out this week :)

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