Monday, May 23, 2011

Z is for Zebra

Wow... I can't believe we finished all of our letters!! I think that every year I have left out a W, Y, or X. This year we did them all!!! What fun we had too!!! I usually will usually not go through the alphabet in order (that is the way they teach in the local elementary school) but this year we went from Aa to Zz. I am glad we did too, because it was a great time of year to visit our local "Zoo." We have a zoo like park in the town over from us called Zootastic. It is a really great animal park, and we didn't have to travel across state lines to get to the closest large zoo near us.

We had talked about the letter Zz all week, learned about Zebra's and then we got to see this guy!! It was great, all the kids exclaimed, "ZEBRA!!!" when we saw him. To cute!!

We also got to feed lots of animals. The baby animals were the cutest things we saw all day!!

The Reptile Room actually was another favorite. The kids enjoyed hearing about the different lizards and even getting to pet one. Then the tour guide took out this interesting orange snake, of course I cannot remember the name of it, but it didn't stop the kids from talking about him all day. They got to pet him and found his skin to be quite interesting, not wet or slimy like they thought.

The kangaroo was so soft... we didn't think he would be. We actually had talked about seeing him at the "zoo" (I had found out earlier that they had a kangaroo from a parent) and we guessed his fur would be course, rough, or pokey. We were surprised to feel how soft and friendly the little guy was. Of course the guide had a great grip on his tail to keep him from jumping, thankfully :)

They also had a baby tiger, baby bear, some beautiful birds (that talked no less), a tortoise, camel, buffalo, and many more to see and learn about. We got to eat our lunch at some nice picnic table in the shade, right near a wonderful playground. We had a great day, it was a wonderful way to end our alphabet curriculum.

Now it is on to Spring/Summer activities. Like... mud, water, bugs, and lots of outdoor time!!!

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