Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sprinkler Fun

We are enjoying the weather here in NC!! Yesterday it got warm enough to play in the water table outside and lots of discussion about getting the sprinkler out. Since we all didn't have bathing suits here yet, we had to wait until today to play in the sprinkler. But, it was worth the wait!!

The questions started right around breakfast... "What time can we go in the sprinkler?" "When will you take the sprinkler out." Princess would saunter up to me, wrap her little arms around my neck, and give me a kiss... only to be followed with, "Are you taking the sprinkler out NOW??" (She is a sneaky one, she is!! :) )

If I made any kind of movement toward the backdoor I was met with 10 tiny feet running from all corners of the playroom... "Are you getting the sprinkler out now??" So, finally, we went outside to test the air... Was it warm enough? Was it to cloudy? Was the sun peeking out?? When, after many, "I think it's perfect, Shell" I finally got the sprinkler out. What Fun We Had!!!

I think the sprinkler will be a favorite Spring/Summer activity again this year :)

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