Thursday, November 11, 2010

What We've Been Doing

We have been learning about the letter Hh this week. We learned lots of Hh words, we talked about Animal Habitats, the emotion Happiness, the gross motor activity of Hopscotch, we had Hay and Horses in the sensory table, and we created crafts with our Hands. It was a fun filled week.

Here some photos of us trying out being Happy!! I think we were pretty good at this emotion :)

This was Little Man's first time in the outside baby swing... He LOVED it!!!
I think we all LOVE swinging!!

Just being outside on this beautiful day makes us Happy!!

We learned how to play Hopscotch... lots of jumping, hopping and skipping
We love movement

Look at me Shell!!!

We found this little critter near the sandbox... it was a perfect time to make connections about Animal Habitats... "Where did he come from?" "What is he doing here?" and "Where do you think we should put him" were some great questions that led to a discussion about where we should let him go.
We decided on this little tree. We all thought it would be a great place for him.

We also made some turkey's with our Hand prints. We even broke out the smelly markers. I find that some of the kids don't want to participate in the art projects much, so when I bring out the smelly markers it seems those kids who usually choose to not to participate, will.

Little Miss M had the markers everywhere... it was soooo cute!!
We decided to take a trip to the Charlotte Nature Museum to learn more about Animal Habitats. What a great time we had. This museum is so great for the little ones. It is geared for the 2-7 age group, and they really make everything perfect for them. There were hands on activities, a puppet show about Unlovable animals, and an absolutely wonderful nature trail. It was small, but we still didn't get to dive into everything for as long as we wanted to.
There are to many photos to put up, so I made a Smilebox... Enjoy!!

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