Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Being Kids


I was watching the kids play today, exploring things to do with the letter Ii... Ice, Insects, & Inchworm, and I realized that they were having so much fun just exploring the things I had set out for them. They were dripping food colored water down their arms as they shared the color they picked with each other, they made lots of noise as they crashed and crushed the ice cubes in the sensory table with the huge insects I purchased from the Dollar Tree, and cutting and decorating their inchworm, exactly how they wanted it, not how I wanted them to complete it.
They collaborated on so many things, even learning you can't swing tools and materials around without someone falling victim to a flying insect, and they learned that sometimes a wet, rainy day can be the most content day of them all. We didn't even have to resort to jammies and TV to have fun (not that we haven't had great fun having a jammie day, mind you). But, just setting up the environment, for independent play, gave me ample opportunity to give Little Man the extra TLC he needed today. It was nice to just BE today, and learn wonderful skills along the way.

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  1. That really is key isn't it...setting up the environment. I had my CDA observation this morning, and my observer commented on that same thing.