Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Glittery Goldfish & A Trip to the Park

To start our Gg Themed week off with a "glub" we made some Glittery, Green Goldfish!! We had fun mixing the glitter into the paint and painting it on our goldfish... it was then discussed that an eye and smiley face (like the "real" Goldfish from the store, you know the ones we eat... to cute) should be added.

We then decided that a nice walk to the Nature Area was in order... we needed to run, jump, hop, skip, roll and slide a little. So, on with our shoes and jackets and out the door we went!! I'm glad we did, a great time was had by all!!

This picture just screams, "Childhood" to me!! She looks so carefree...
that running down that hill is just the tip of the iceberg to what she can do

Mom's & Dad's, if you were wondering why your children were so dirty today....
Now you know :)

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  1. Now this is my kind of play, and you are so right the pictures of the kids sliding down a hill...pure childhood, those are the kinds of things you do with kids that they remember for a lifetime, I've never once had a kid come to me and say, "oh,I remember mimi drilling me with ABC's & 123's, no they remember, "oh, yea, I remember us going to the that "big" (to them it's huge)hill and sliding down on our bottoms, it was so much fun" Looks like you and your group had a wonderful day being a kid!!