Friday, November 5, 2010

What is hiding in the grass??

We not only made a fun craft today, but worked those fine motor, scissor and problem solving skills, all the while having fun and socializing with our friends!

You have got to love the tongue!! Hard at work, such concentration!!

The kids loved this activity, especially the boys. We started out with a review of our letter Gg, sounds and words that start with the letter Gg. We came up with lots of Gg words... guitar, goat, goldfish, gorilla, go, game, green, gumballs, and then they said, grasshopper. Which led us to a discussion on where grasshoppers live. Grass!! Then we talked about all the things that live IN the grass, Over the grass, and Under the grass. It was an interesting conversation, we had answers like, "Bugs live Under the grass and On the grass." "Birds fly Over the grass, and even poop IN the grass" :) You can see where our conversations sometimes lead us at this age :)
I got this idea from a Mailbox book, but I cannot tell you which one... Sorry!!

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  1. I really like this idea Michelle and if you say the BOYS liked it then you must be on a real winner there!
    Donna :) :)