Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Water Play!!!

I could not pick my favorite pictures from today!! There were so many.   We finished our caterpillars (which I didn't get a pic of) and had a quick Circle Time and Snack and then the fun began!!  First we got changed into our Water Clothes, slathered on the sunscreen, grabbed a towel and out we went!!!  What fun we had!!

"You know Miss Michelle the grass needs water too."

Little Man thought the ball would like the water more than him

But what a ham when he saw the camera pointed his way!!!

Scamp trying to keep up with Little Man

Running from the sprinkler is always fun

Sprout and Scamp must have "played" like this for 15 minutes.
Just transferring water from one container to another.  

Scamp wanted MORE!!

When Sprout left Scamp stayed busy for a while more going to the water table, getting the water and bringing it back to her little laboratory over and over again.

It was so hot we had to make sure our H2O stayed cool.

Transferring water back and forth...
always a favorite!!

Lil Bit's toes got muddy, which she did not like!!

Roo took care of that!!

Which led to Miss Michelle's feet getting a good, long cool down

After a nice long outdoor morning it was time for lunch and nap...
We were ALL tired from all the fun stuff we did.  It's just the beginning of keeping cool in the hot summer weather!!!

Getting ready for nap!!!

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  1. Nothing more fun than a sprinkler on a hot day...for the kids AND the adults watching them & listening to the laughter. Brings back wonderful memories not only of my kids but also of my own childhood...ABOUT A MILLION YEARS AGO!!!! :)
    Lil Bit's Grammy