Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Year Older

Happy Birthday Lil Bit!!!!

How big you've grown!!

Anytime there is a birthday the birthday child gets to be the "helper" for the day.  Being the helper of the day includes not only being able to wash hands first, or getting to the table first, it also means that during Circle Time they get to complete all the tasks on our Circle Time Center... which is a coveted job on any day, but to be able to do ALL of them is really the icing on the cake, especially for our littlest friends!!

Here Lil Bit is singing our "Days of the Week" song...
We hold up 7 fingers to represent each day of the week and through repetition and routine even the youngest know what to do during the song :)

When we get to the part where we sing each day of the week, out comes the pointer and we point to each day as we say it.  Now, Lil Bit doesn't actually know the days of the week, but again through repetition she knows their sequence and one day it will all make sense to her.

Can't forget the weather!!!

Counting and making patterns is our new favorite thing to do at Circle Time.
Lil Bit didn't want to change the gumballs though, she just wanted to count and count and count!!!

Sitting in the Birthday Chair being sung "Happy Birthday to You" by all her friends!!

Trying to blow out the candle!!!


I thought this was the best photo... she is trying to blow the candle out again...
she huffed and puffed and was very proud of herself!!!

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  1. You just made my day!!!! Laughed at every picture-especially the pointer one. Thank you so much! Wonder if she will think she should get to do everything again tomorrow???

    Lil Bit's Grammy