Thursday, May 17, 2012

Water and Mud

Ok, this is how we all looked yesterday with all the mud from the rain, because...

This could happen ;)

Now, take today, it was hot, pretty dry outside and we wanted to get out and play.  
So what did Miss Michelle do you ask??
 Yes, I set the sensory table up with water.  
Can anyone say, "Bathing Suits would be good here."
I don't know what I was thinking... 
but a GREAT time was had by all!!!

Scamp poured that water on her face 50 times and each and every time had the same reaction!!
It was really to cute!!

Lil Bit did the same thing too... 
I'm not sure if she was more surprised by the water on her face or if it was cold ;)
But it DID NOT stop her from doing it again and again and

Little Man thought throwing the water would be great fun!! 
Sometimes to the dismay of the others ;)

That's better

 Seeing little ones play with water is so wonderful, how can we not see the benefits of this type of hands on, play oriented learning.  Not only did the kids learn about properties of water, like temperature, sinking and floating, and cause and effect... but they also had to work together, reinforcing patience, problem solving, spatial awareness, social cues, and so much more.  Lessons don't always have to be planned and executed to get to the end result... just having fun and playing brings our children to a place they need to be, to be the well rounded students they will become!!

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