Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flitter, Flutter Little Butterfly

We have scoured my yard for a caterpillar this year, but to no avail.  We think maybe we missed them due to the warm weather this Spring.  So, we decided to become caterpillar's ourselves...

Here is our Egg...

The Caterpillar's are missing in this sequence due to some technical difficulties we had while squirming on the ground ;)
But we managed to capture our Caterpillars "Spinning" their cocoon

Here are those cute little caterpillars resting in their cocoons

Oh My... Look they are emerging like beautiful butterflies!!!

We had flittering, fluttering butterflies all over the playroom... can't get better than that!!!

After we finished being butterflies we decided to make some coffee filter butterflies.  I love process art, and we do some sort of process art everyday, but because it is more process over product it either doesn't make it into the blog post, or even go home for that matter.  I  may just have the project out to help with a certain goal or fine motor skill I am working on with the kids.  When I was going through some past activities about the life cycle of a caterpillar/butterfly I came across this craft.  I love it because it has the element of process art, but with just a little help from Shell, we get a beautiful butterfly at the end.  The kids were able to help with the gluing all I did was the folding and pulling the wings apart at the end.  I think our butterflies came out gorgeous!!!

Working Hard

"You want me to show you how it's done?"

Sprout was waiting her turn, and you could tell Lil Bit wasn't about to give up her seat ;)

Roo made sure her whole coffee filter,um butterfly, was covered in beautiful colors...
"Just like a real butterfly Michelle"

See, I told you, gorgeous!!!

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