Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Patterns Everywhere!!

We have been very busy at Childcare this week!!
One thing that has peaked the kids interest is making patterns.  
Now, every where I go I seem to be finding patterns.

We used our Gumball Counting to introduce patterns last week,
now the kids LOVE creating patterns with it all the time!!! 

I found this in the housekeeping area when I was setting up for nap yesterday.

I found this one this morning, I think someone created it before our walk to the bus stop.

Look familiar??

Roo tried to make a pattern out of her friends...
Girl, Boy, Girl... then she looked at Lil Bit and said, "Your not a boy.  We need another boy  Michelle."
Very cute, but since we only have 1 boy right now, it may not work, and then we thought maybe we could try to make a pattern with hair color... nope, to many blonds in the group.  We decided to move on to making patterns with names...
"Roo, Little Man, Roo, Little Man..." and
"Scamp, Sprout, Scamp, Sprout..."

I am sure you can imagine that when we get on a roll, everything, and I mean everything becomes part of a pattern...
but how much fun and laughter there is to be had when we make some silly ones!!

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