Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Very Pajama Christmas Party

It is finally here... our PJ Christmas Party!!! 
What fun we had!!

This was the tree when the kids came in this morning...
Roo said, "Did Santa come to your house Miss Michelle??"

Yummy Hot Cocoa!!

You can't very well have whipped cream without it getting on your nose!!!

Little Man had to have a spoon to make sure he got ALL his whipped cream :)

Playing "Pass Rudolph"
(basically a reindeer version of Hot Potato)

Some Freeze Dancing!!!

Lil Bit liked bobbing to the music


It's present time!!!  Sprout loved handing out all her presents to her friends...
"Here Little Man!!"

"I can help you with this Roo!"

Little Man had SOOOOO much fun giving his friends their gifts.  I was so impressed he didn't try to take one of them back.  He knew they were for his friends.  To Cute!!!

Loving their mini-doodle pads!!
"Can we open them now??!!!"

We have this toy here at daycare and Little Man just LOVES it!!
Now he has his own :)

Lil Bit kept that bow on her head all the way to nap time...
this is the same girl who will not leave a barrette in her hair for more than 1 min... Go figure ;)

Scamp didn't really understand what to do, but she enjoyed what was in the packaging.

After we were finished I found Scamp climbing on the stool I left out from when I went hunting for our little tiny hot cocoa mugs... as you can see, she was quite proud of herself!!!

I love baby feet... but festive Lil Bit feet are the icing on the cake!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


  1. Michelle--Thanks for sharing the fun of your PJ Christmas party & pics with us. Looks like everyone had a ball! Also thank you for taking care of & loving the most precious little ones of our families. I hope you & your family have a wonderful and blessed Christmas season. (Sleep in a few days-you certainly deserve it!!)
    Lil Bit's Grammy

  2. Thank you so much Lil Bits Grammy!! We did have such a good time. I think the dancing was the favorite part! It's a special job I have, and I am Blessed to be able to be a part of all of these little ones (and families) lives!! Thanks for the comments, I love to read them. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
    Love Shell