Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Crafts

It was a rainy morning here in NC and after breakfast, free play, and a quick story and circle time we decided to drag out some crafts.  We mixed up some colored glue and made a Christmas Bow Wreath and we made a Button Snowflake out of buttons, Popsicle sticks and glue.  Both crafts came out really cute and the kids had a fun time completing them.  

Working together is always more fun!!

I put in more than a few of Lil Bit's work because I want to show the progression (and absolute fun) she had...

Getting used to the materials

Hmmm... I got this!

Using more than just a paint brush is a much better use of time, don't you think??

If you haven't noticed, the middle of the wreath, which is the table, is getting more paint than anything else :)

That brush is getting pretty slippery now.  She goes to use the other brush several times, but puts it back and takes the slippery one again.

Miss Michelle finally lures her away (after 25 mins) with a promise of hand washing at the sink.  That way we have clean hands to put on the bows... she liked it, but not as much as the painting.

After the wreath project was cleaned up, we played a little, met the Fed-Ex guy at the door, watched the drizzle of rain come down and then decided we had enough time for one more project before lunch.  The fine motor skills this one needed were great for such little hands.

With the little ones, I needed to be one on one so they had to wait their turns.  Lil Bit was a very patient girl, and I think because she waited she was ready and knew what to do when it was her turn.

For their little hands I used the great big buttons, and they didn't put to many on, this was much more manageable for them.

It is interesting to see the progression of play this year.  Sprout and Roo have started to take on more leadership roles with Little Man and Lil Bit.  They are beginning to create wonderful imaginative play and including the little ones into it with them... today, they were going to Santa's Workshop, on a bus :)

"Reading" before nap
Sprout is beginning to remember some of the key passages to books we read and I will hear her "reading" to herself every now and again.  She doesn't seem to have the confidence to "read" to me yet, but we are working on it.  When I ask her she just smiles and giggles, then walks away from me.  She's a pip alright!!!!

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