Monday, December 12, 2011

 We took out our magnetic Advent Calendar out today and began our journey to the birthday of Jesus.  How exciting it was to listen to each little story about all the different pieces that make up the Story of Jesus' Birth.  You see, in each little box there is something to put on the magnetic board.  A moon, a dove, a Shepard, Angels, etc... and when you open the door a little story about that piece is played while the children put the piece up.  It is really cute.  I bought mine a few years ago, but the updated version can be found here or here.  I waited until after the holiday a few years back and got mine for a good price, but I also think it was because they discontinued mine and brought out another design.

So, we talked about Christmas, Santa and presents... but when I asked the real reason we celebrate Christmas, both Sprout and Roo told me it was Jesus' Birthday!!  Yeah!!

I can do it myself!!


And I'm gonna put it right here!!

Scamp loved moving the pieces around when it was her turn.   Yet, we did get her Shepard up there.

Lil Bit had a little trouble opening the door, but when it would start to talk, she would look up at me with the cutest look, like... "Did I just make it do that?"  :)

Putting the pieces on the board required a lot of fine motor skills!
We will be finishing up our presents and projects this week, hopefully getting everything done before the Christmas Break.  I can't believe it is already Christmas time, it seems like yesterday was our 1st day of childcare.

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