Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy...

We have been little elves the past couple of days!!  Getting all our Christmas Presents made, wrapped and hidden from prying eyes hasn't been easy, let me tell you.  So, we haven't been taking to many photos over the last couple of days, just to make sure no hints get out there :)

We have also been learning about the Birth of Jesus, the number 2, and the colors red and green.  Each day at circle time we sing our days of the week song, our weather song, and then we do our counting songs.  The sillier the better for this group, that's for sure!!!

I will have some photos for tomorrow, it is our last day together before our Christmas break and we have a Pajama Christmas Party planned!!  We are all soooooo excited, it is hard to contain ourselves each day, just thinking about all the fun we will have is enough to get us all in a tizzy :)  So, there should be some great photos from tomorrow!!

Until then...

Just a shot of us having fun at circle time!!

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