Thursday, December 1, 2011


In Family Childcare the children in your care will usually squeeze themselves not only into your heart, but into your whole families heart.  Little Man did just that the day he arrived into this world, he captured all of us, with his little tilts of his head when he wants to be shy, the silliness in him when he wants to play, but most of all when he finally was able to say all my children's names.  One of my boys in particular has captured Little Man's heart as well, Cal.  He asks about him when he comes in, he looks for him up the stairs all morning, and he points to his picture on the cabinet a million times a day.  But what really got me... I was cleaning up from lunch and I turned around and here was Little Man, with Cal's boots on, pointing to his picture saying his name.  

Now that's Love!!

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