Monday, December 7, 2009

Work for this Week

I put out some new fun work for this week. I was going through my December Theme Box and realized that I forgot some great works that I had out last year at this time. We have so much to do to get ready for our Holiday Program and of course all the crafts to be completed and done by the time each child leaves for Christmas Break that I sometimes forget about the opportunities for such fun learning. The kids were excited to find new work on the shelf... I was excited to see them use it :)

Well, this isn't really new... they just won't let me put it up

I got this idea from Ms Debbie who had a great basket with a Gingerbread Person and lots of knick-knacky stuff to go on it. Believe it or not I can't find all my stray stuff so this was the next best thing I came up with :)

Transferring and Patterning Activity

Transferring... Another idea from Ms Debbie to use the little presents... They loved them, so much so that they thought they could open them :) But I was prepared thanks to Ms Debbie... I bought a whole bunch!!

What's the Christmas Season if not about giving and receiving PRESENTS!! I set this "wrapping" station up for the kids. It was an idea I DID read on someones blog... and I thought I saved it, but I can't find it... So if anyone knows where I saw it, please let me know!!!
The kids LOVED it!! They loved finding little things to wrap up, then using the paper ALL BY THEMSELVES, cutting the tape... We Love Tape!! Then putting the gift under the tree!! They all decided that we would open them tomorrow... This center got a lot of activity today. Yeah!!


  1. I love having a gift wrapping station, although I usually do mine during MY birthday month (Feb.) rather than December. =)

  2. Hey ! I just saw that you talked about me here. I was stalking your site for ideas next month. Thanks ...