Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Conversation Between 2 Boys

This morning we had an issue with two boys and 3 shake-n-go cars...

boy 1: I want the fast one
boy 2: Sorry I got it first
boy 1: But I put it down first, I want it now
boy 2: UM... well I have it and I want it
boy 1: You have 2
boy 2: You will have 2, too
boy 1: So
boy 2: I want 2
boy 1: You can't have 2 if I don't have 2
boy 2: but you want 2
boy 1: So
boy 2: Shell, he wants 2, but I want 2
Shell: "Well, how can we solve this?"
boy 1: Give me the car
boy 2: NO!!
Shell: "I guess you both want the car"
boy 1: Yes, I had it first
boy 2: Shell!!!
boy 1: Well, I just want the fast 1
boy 2: Oh, here you can have the FAST one
Shell: "I'm glad you figured that out boys"
boy 2: Yeah, he only wanted the fast one
boy 1: Yeah, now I have 2 and you have 1
boy 2: (looks down at his hands, kinda figures out he's been duped, and shrugs his shoulders) So, I'm gonna play with the blocks anyway
boy 1: NO!! I want the blocks!!

I think it's going to be one of those days :)


  1. But what great lessons you taught them by NOT fixing it for them. In Arkansas we are having a huge push on social and emotional development and part of it is this type of interaction. Kudos' to you! MANY providers would have just taken the toy from both.

  2. Oh Ms Debbie How I wanted Too!!! But, yes I do try my hardest to let them work it out themselves... even if I need to breath a little extra some days :)

  3. I agree, let them work it out, and while they are doing that, we take a long deep breath, exhale and breath again!

    Your girls are the best!