Thursday, December 3, 2009

Morning Play

What a busy morning!! We started our morning off with Forts and Tunnels!! Believe it or not... there are 4 kids under the blankets and pillows. We received a whole bunch of extra couch pillow when we needed some repairs to the couch, and the kids found them recently and have been "building" with them ever since. The Tunnel around the coffee table is a very important thorough-fare at our house.

All the ages get involved

We worked on our fine motor skills while using the droppers and red water colors to dye our macaroni for our Holiday Wreaths
We topped our morning off with almost an hour and a half of play at the playground!!!
It has been raining here and my backyard is a swampy, muddy mess!! I am so glad our community has such a wonderful playground for the kids to use!!

A stray "Wishing" flower...
We also had time to work on our wreaths, play in the water table, have circle time, and open our 3rd box on our Advent Calendar... a donkey today :) We had a fun morning, the week has flown by.

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  1. Having the kids dye the macaroni is a fabulous idea! I'm so stealing that one!! Also, I just bought those same smocks.