Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another Great Day

Today we didn't get to many photo's... but we had a lot of fun learning about the meaning of Christmas!! We have a great new Advent Calendar that talks and tells the story of Jesus' Birthday and a magnetic board that we can put the special pieces up on as the story is being told.

We read some silly books about Santa and some more touching books about Baby Jesus. The kids enjoyed having the playdoh out to "act" out what we read about, and then we went outside!! We ran, dug in the dirt, chased our friends, built "caves" in the climbing structure, ran some more and then ran even more!! It was such a cool, crisp day... the sun was shining and the kids had a ball.

Being from NY I remember the GRAY winters. Starting in November all the way through February it was gray. The clouds were out most of the time, the snow gray from the salt and dirt, the cars were gray from the salt and dirt, it was just gray. The kids didn't get out as much, and didn't get to bask in the sunlight as much. Here we get cold weather... but the sun seems to be shining so much more and makes you want to be outside even when it's cold. I'll be sometimes wishing for a cold, rainy, snowy day so we can stay in... the kids always want to be outside. I'm glad.

Now... don't get me wrong... I do MISS the snow fall from New England!! We would get 1,2,3 feet sometimes. The kids are missing an experience in that also. The sledding, the snow forts, the snow ball fights, and the ice palaces. We had a lot of fun on those days. We get one "good" (which is relative mind you) snow a year. It snows maybe a foot or so, the schools are closed, the kids all go outside as soon as possible and try to get all the fun in before it melts away. We get the fire burning, the hot chocolate flowing and the gloves and boots out for their once a year ritual. The next day... it's pretty much gone. It's pretty funny in fact. We have been here a little over 3 years... and that's how it has been every winter since we got here. People talk about the time it snowed 5 feet or what not... but not since we have lived here.... I'll keep you posted this winter!!!

We also began working on our songs & finger plays for our Holiday Program... the kids are sweet. They get nervous and excited about it... Thankfully I keep it short and sweet!! All in all I think we had a great morning!!!

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