Friday, December 4, 2009


I am a process over product girl mostly, but Holiday Time really brings out my Memory Making Mode... We all want those cute little crafts to hang on the Christmas Tree, so we can look back years later and say "Oh Jack, look you made this in preschool... do you remember?" and the kids get all excited, finding their special ornaments and wreaths for the wall.

How do I reconcile this?? Well, look at these little faces...

The look of concentration as they fine tune those fine motor skills are... Priceless. The little white paper is hard to peel back, but they kept at it. Asking for help when they got frustrated, but eventually everyone (well almost everyone, my Little is 18 mths, she couldn't quite get it, but she tried) figured out how to peel that paper back by themselves. They were so proud of themselves!!!

For $1 we used our fine motor skills, we experienced sticky-vs-smooth, we cooperated, shared materials, waited our turn, and most important we socialized, talked, and just had "together" time, all of us. It was a moment that to me, their "teacher," was absolutely... Priceless!!


  1. Stickers are fabulous for fine motor skills. I totally consider those process!!!!

    And I'm totally justifying that the crafts are ok now because it's Christmas time. I blamed on visions of sugarplums, lol!

  2. I saw a plate at Cracker Barrel that said " Christmas Calories Dont Count" well.. neither do Christmas Crafts!

  3. I'm with Bev. Stickers, especially for the youngest ones, are pure process!

  4. Thanks everyone!!! I love Christmas Crafts!!!