Monday, August 3, 2009

What We've Been Doing...

Wow!!! We are back!!! It has taken me a while to get my camera downloaded on to the computer, but I have finally done it. Here are just a few pic's of our last couple of weeks. We have still been in summer mode and not really in a school type of routine. We just are having a lot of free play, creative activities, and playing with the babies!! The girls love those babies and the babies love the little girls.

We did some chalk art on the driveway.

The kids found a Highlights magazine and had a lot of fun finding the pictures on the search page.

We made some Dino-Lime Kool-aid Play-doh... A Huge Hit!!

We went to our Community Playground for some early morning cool weather play...

Kid Pic... I gave the camera to the kids to see what we would come up with, well... we got a lot of blurry pictures, some backs of heads, and lots of photos from far away.

We had some fun with shaving cream

We made some Dino Pictures

I love this photo of Ry in mid air... the kids love to climb and jump off this Kangaroo Climber... It helps get those wiggles & giggles out when we are stuck inside due to HOT weather...
Can you believe we complain when it's cold... We complain when it's Hot...

Fort making was the thing to do last week... every morning we gathered up the blankets, pillows, duct tape, chairs and anything else we could find to help make our Forts... A fun time was had by all the kids... even the littlest ones loved crawling in and out of them...

So that's just a few things we did in the last couple of weeks... we also went to the pool, had some baseball/wiffleball games, lots of scooter riding, and playing in the sandbox.
We will be getting back to "Tot School" soon. I can't believe our summer is almost over. The boys are not liking the fact the back to school stuff is out, and I am getting curriculum ready for the Tot School Year. They want the summer to never end and I want to get back to the routine of my days when they are at school.
Has anyone seen that Staples commercial, where the Dad is pushing the cart to the song, "The Most Wonderful Time of The Year" and the kids are behind him with the long faces... I love that commercial and enjoy teasing my boys with it when they are getting on my last nerve. Though, I don't really look forward to school starting for my boys, to much homework, Fall Ball starts up again and sorting out all the logistics is sometimes a nightmare.

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