Saturday, August 29, 2009

Preschool/Tot School Begins...

We will be beginning our "School Year" on Monday. I am looking forward to the routine and learning that will be happening. I have started rearranging the playroom furniture from Summer Play to Learning Play. We will be having our Montessori material in centers this year and hope this will help the kids in putting their work away. We have 3 preschoolers this year that will "graduate" to Kindergarten at the end of the year... OMG!!! I can't believe my babies will go to Kindergarten. How time flies... just yesterday it seems that they were in diapers and playing in the sensory table outside.

I think the kids are excited to get back to a routine also, they have been loving our summer circle time lately since I have been reading a theme book and doing a craft to go with that theme. They are eager to know what the new centers will be and what will be in them. I am excited for them to come on Monday and have a great morning.

Our Tot's will be having some fun too... Beth and I are carrying our Theme over to them and incorporating them into our School Time Adventures!!! It will be a learning process for us and the Tot's, but I think it will be worth it. They really love to be involved and touch the "big" kids work... so know we will offer it to them in a more age appropriate form. Beth and I are learning that just because the Tot's don't often sit through a whole story... they listen as they are playing. They may not finish an art project... but they come back to it time and time again throughout the day and touch it, look at it, smell it & of course try to taste it :) It is amazing to see the Tot's learn each day... everything is a learning experience... all their time is occupied exploring and experimenting. I am so happy that we can provide them with an environment that gives them those opportunities.

So... now I am off to complete my Math/Science Center... I think I want to introduce something in that center... just not sure what. I want to keep it small right now, until we all learn or relearn the rules of taking out, using, & putting back. I think it will be an interesting week :)


  1. Two of my big kids went off to kindergarten this year, they had both been with me since they were 1-year-olds. It was really hard seeing them leave the last time, and not having them here the next few days!

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