Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Welcome, Welcome, Welcome
We want to Welcome a new Friend to Kozy Kids... Little N started full time this week and we are soooo happy to have him. The kids love playing with him and it seems that he loves playing with them!! Welcome N... we are so Happy to have YOU!!!!

This next photo is my favorite... it makes me so happy that our Big Kids are so loving and patient with the Little Ones!!! In the photo below, S is allowing N to dump sand on his back and wipe it off... over and over and over!!! It was just so sweet, no yelling, no pushing, no mean "Stop That" words... just patience and kindness... Again, I love my job!!!!

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  1. I love the picture!!! you all are really the best!!! I was so shocked to see that nick made the front page of the blog on his first week!!! wow!!! Matt and I are very lucky to have found you all!!! Thank you for everything!!!