Saturday, August 22, 2009

Celebration Week

We made it through the BIG week!! We had a lot of kids, we did a lot of stuff, and we SURVIVED!!! I think the kids had a great time... they all came back everyday!! :)

During our Celebration Week we celebrated while making crafts, going to the pool, making ice cream, building forts, and playing with the parachute...

Making our Cookies for Cookie Day!!

We also had Buster Bunny come and visit for the week!! He was Great Fun!!

The kids loved holding him and running after him!!

We put his cage in the middle of the room so we all could get a good look at him, but after reading more about bunnies, I realized that wasn't the best place for him. He likes being up against the wall so he could feel safe and no one could sneak up behind him.

We made homemade ice cream... YUMMY!!!

We made Friendship Bracelets for Friendship Day!!!

We enjoyed making spin art with the salad spinner... I looked for the post I got this idea from... I am sorry I can't give the proper credit to the right person because I can't find the blog. Sorry!!!

We always leave time for simple stuff, like playing in the sandbox together!!

We started our week with some Friendship Games and Cooperation Games... like this building a tall tower out of marshmallows and straws... then we tried a game called Waballoony... which was great fun. The kids had to keep a balloon up in the air... the twist was that there was a marble in the balloon throwing it off balance... The kids had to work together to keep it up. I wish I got some pictures of the bigger kids helping the preschoolers. Very cute!!

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