Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's Here...

Well, the Big Week is finally here. My "kids" are back tomorrow. I am so excited!!! I have seen them here and there throughout the summer, but I can't wait to see them everyday on a regular basis!!! I have been getting them back one at a time kinda, but as of tomorrow, I get them ALL back. I am excited to do all the great theme's I have come up with. We are having a week of Celebrations... (I posted about that earlier)... and I know they will have a lot of fun. I will take lots of photo's and post them throughout the week.
I am busy tonight finishing up moving and creating centers. I won't put out our Montessori Trays until after all the School Age kids go back to school, we will then get back to the real nitty gritty of learning and getting ready for Kindergarten for some of the kids. I am trying to implement a more creative Montessori Curriculum. More open ended, process over product, arts & crafts. More practical life areas and trays, and definitely more sensorial trays. I have been looking into buying some more materials for that area, and am excited about what I see out there. I think I can make a lot of stuff too. We have already purchased some scented candles to match and I am looking into buying some taste testing material. I love all things Montessori. I did purchase some great pitchers and baskets for snack and lunch times. I can't wait to introduce some of the more independent lessons to the littler ones. I think that some of them are ready to start pouring lessons and setting the table lessons. Oh, so many ideas swirling around my head!!!
Well, I will keep posting about our week and hope the kids enjoy it!!! :)

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