Friday, June 10, 2011

Last Day of School

Yeah... it's the last day of school!! Um, I think that's good, right?? :)

Summer break brings with it its own set of challenges. Keeping my own 4 school age children busy, keeping the little ones I still have busy, along with vacations, summer baseball, and keeping cool. Hmmm.... maybe school isn't so bad.

I read parenting magazines about how to make the last day of school memorable... throwing ice cream party, swim parties, big signs welcoming summer, etc... and I have every intention of creating one of those things. Then all of a sudden the last day of school is here and I realize not only didn't I plan a great end of school memory for my own children, I didn't create one for the daycare kids, I forgot the teacher gift, the award ceremonies, and the water balloons for the water balloon challenge!! Oh man...

Thankfully I always get things better the first week of summer. We will have our sign, we will have our ice cream, and we will definitely have water play... lots of it!! So, to all of you Mom's, Daycare Providers and Teachers... WELCOME SUMMER!!!

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