Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Beautiful Day

Today was a most glorious day. It was sunny, breezy and not humid at all. We ate our breakfast and outside we went. We started by dumping all the water that had collected in our toys from the evening storms, then there was the inspection by the children that all the toys and "play worlds" they had constructed last week, were still where they left them. A lot of discussions and running. It is amazing how fast they can move when the weather cooperates.

I set the E-Z Up tent up on the patio to give us a little extra shade and set about putting out the paint and paint brushes at the easel. We had talked yesterday about using the easel to experiment with the paint, so we did just that today. I also filled the water table and left the hose out to use periodically throughout the morning. Some of us put on our suits and others didn't (my kids of course) and thus started a morning filled with laughter, friendship, investigating, and fun!!!

Sometimes it's just great to catch the shot you want to... he was so overjoyed with himself!!

The kids have taken to getting inside the easel and creating portraits if each other, this one was done by my son of Princess... it was pretty good considering the paint and brushes they have to use :)


Big Guy here was a little hesitant using the paint with his fingers yesterday, but today he was right there investigating the brushes, the paint and even trying to get under the easel like he saw the other kids doing. I am glad I put it out in a different way for him to enjoy.

I always try to leave messy art out for longer periods of time, as the littler guys have such a short attention span that they don't always get the true benefit of using the materials. Inside I am not always able to do that though. Little Man has a tendency to grab and dump or eat just when I blink :) So we have to limit the activity when we are inside, but outside, like today... man they had a blast!!

These two spent A LOT of time here today. They painted, sprayed, cleaned and painted again. It was wonderful how they discussed what they were painting, how they would achieve the finished product, and even painting together at times. They would walk away for a spell, but returned over and over all throughout the morning. It was nice to see how much they enjoyed it.

Of course, who doesn't love the sprayer on the hose!!

I took this photo right before we went in to change. We have been going through so many towels lately that they all seem to be in the wash or dryer right now. I sent my son to get some from upstairs for us to use and he only brought done 2 towels for 3 kids.

"That's okay!" says Princess, "Come here Sprout, I got ya."

Princess wrapped her towel around Sprout and gave her a little hug and that cute growl we Mom's do when we wrap our little ones up after a bath, shower or pool. It touched my heart and I had to turn away because I only have Princess for a few more days, and I will miss how loving she is. I have the greatest job in the world, but sometimes it is down right sad.

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