Monday, June 13, 2011

Exploring & Finger Paints

Today we did some review of our colors. We read Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. We love the book and talked a lot about the mice getting into the pots of paint and dripping it all around. We talked about how they mixed and stirred to make new colors. The discussion led us to toss around ideas of how we could mix paint like the mice did. We came up with using paint brushes on paper, finger paints on paper or the table, and mixing the colors on our plexi-glass easel outside (that way we could just spray away the mess when we were done). The kids (ok Princess and Ry) decided that finger paint on our trays was best. "That way no one can touch my colors and mess them up." Let the Fun Begin!!!

(Hmmmm... not so sure about this)

(They are LETTING me make this mess)

(What could be better than this... make a mess, then play in the water)

Finger painting was a huge hit and took up a good part of our morning, but after we cleaned up and set the room back we got out our Explorer Magnifiers and went on a nature walk. It was a hot, but breezy day, perfect for looking for birds, bugs and creepy crawlies.

(What's that??)

(A Creepy Crawler, I think)

This little guy loved looking through his magnifier... even stumbling a few times because he didn't want to put it down to watch in front of himself.

Now that Ry is out of school, he and the other kids picked up right where they left off. We miss our other preschool friends, but we had lots of fun discussions about Kindergarten and how a rising 1st grader is very knowledgeable about things.

We got home to find another of my sons waiting for us. The kids had him sit right down for a quick little tea party. Big Guy here decided that he needed a little help with is tea. My sons are always good sports with the kids in my child care... now their own brothers, that's a different story.

What a wonderful morning!!

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  1. Oh' so nice to see your bonding moment with your kids. I also spent time to my kids just to have bonding moments. Thanks for sharing.