Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3-D Art

It has been a quiet day today. The humidity has stayed away, but the breeze is gone. So, it wasn't as hot as it could have been, but not as cool either. We created some process oriented 3-D art today. We talked about the colors of the pipe cleaners we used, trying to get Sprout and Big Guy to repeat our words. Sprout could name almost all of them, and Big Guy here tried his best, and giggled a lot. I think he thought we either sounded or looked pretty funny saying "Yellow" over and over again... I never really thought what they must think when they see us over exaggerate words, it must be a sight. I must look in the mirror, but I have a feeling I won't do it like I would for the kids because I look so silly, even to myself :)

After we created, we painted. Paint is always fun. I bought these painting screens from Discount School Supply and thought splatter painting over our 3-D Creations would be fun, but the screens didn't do to well. It just blobbed the paint out and the kids ended up just painting on the Styrofoam with the brush.

I had let a friend borrow our pop-it beads a while ago and she returned them to us recently and the girls had a lot of fun making jewelry for each other. They kept telling me they were Ariel and Tiana... I kept telling them they were Princess Gorgeous and Princess Beautiful!! Lots of giggling ensued :)

Today is Sprouts last day for the school year. Her mom is a teacher and she will spend her summer home with mom. I will miss her. She is such a character and really brings so much joy to my home!! I will miss her smile every morning and her cry each afternoon :) It is a catch 22, parents love that they are happy to be here and don't want to leave, but sometimes I think they would like to just be able to pick up a happy toddler and go home without to much fuss. Sorry :)

How this little one has grown!! I will see you in August!!!!

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