Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Volcano Kind of Day

Another HOT day here in North Carolina... I love the weather, but sometimes it's just to hot to spend a lot of time outside. We have another week of 90 degree weather next week too, so I think I will have to get creative :)

This morning, after much moping around by the "big" boys, I sat them down and gave them lots of options to occupy their time. They ranged from science experiments to cleaning the yard... they went for the science experiments. We decided to create a Volcano... it did take some encouragement on my part to get my OWN boys to participate, but when the flour came out and I handed the directions over to them, they join right in. They really enjoy being given the responsibility to take a project from beginning to end. Working with the little ones, I forget that.

So, we get the dough made, knead it with LOTS of flour, getting the Littles involved in this part, and then make our Volcano's... only to find I don't have enough vinegar. Tomorrow will be a wonderful day to explode some Volcano's though :) I think we will try the Mento & Dt. Coke experiment!! The boys are real excited about that. I love Boys!!!

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1 comment:

  1. Oh, my boys have done diet coke and mentos in our driveway! The trick is to open and drop quickly!!!