Monday, August 16, 2010

One on One Time

Monday, Monday!!!

Today, it was just me and Little Miss M. What a wonderful day we had together. We went on a walk, taking our time to look at bugs, flowers, and pretty mailboxes. When we got home, we found this swing in the closet (been there for awhile, since she was just a baby) and we took it out and put it up in the playroom for a little swinging fun. There was giggling, laughing and lots of yells for "Higher, Shell, Higher!!"

We also got out some infant toys for our new friends Little Man & Sprout. We know that Little Man won't play much with them, but Sprout and Little Miss M will no doubt have lots of fun using them for a while, until they realize they are "big girls" now. Especially this little tent, they love the door and the cozy feel of it, but it's not all closed in.

Who says Monday's are hard... Today was wonderful!!!

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