Friday, August 6, 2010

Goop, Volcano's, & Outside Time

Well, it was another fun, busy morning!!! After a rainy and windy night we found that a tree fell down in the back yard, so we had to spend some time in the front instead today. I am hoping some of this tree can be used in the play space outside... maybe a balance beam??

I set out some cornstarch, water, and watercolors in the messy area, they went to town. I think I will find that residue throughout my house for a week. I am not sure when these types of experiences/experiments got boring to the big kids. I guess it must be between 10 and 12, because the 9 yr olds still found it to be quite entertaining, the bigger boys thought the entertaining part would be to see how much they could get on the table and each other. Oh, to be young. The Little's loved it most when it had just a little to much water, it was not quite the "Goop" we all know, but it still was an interesting consistency. One they could sink their hands, arms and elbows into and really get the feel of. All in all.... A Success :)

I then had to take all the kids outside as they were getting into that wrestling mode that boys get into (no matter the age... my husband is one of the worst offenders). I suggested a few activities they could play, but wanted them to come up with something... even if it was just sitting together and talking. I remember many summer days spent on someones front porch talking, hashing out the troubles of the world, and making up some great games to play. These kids were not into it today. They came up with Capture the Flag... but couldn't agree on rules, then basketball... nope, not enough in agreement, finally I suggested 4-square. They played for a while, I had to break up some disagreements, but all in all... a success. Ahhhh, the many hats of a Child Care Provider.

Finally... what everyone was waiting for... A Volcano Explosion!!! We got all the ingredients together and off they went. The Little's loved watching!! The sizzle sound the baking soda and vinegar makes when they meet had the Little's enchanted. They kept looking at me as soon as they came into contact with each other. I think they liked the sound better than the explosion. The kids experimented with this for about 15 or so minutes before walking away... I had to bring them back to clean up... not something any 9 to 12 yr old boy likes to do. The mess making is great, but clean up... Forget about it!!! But, they did good.

We didn't get to the Mento's Explosion today.... Miss Michelle was exhausted!!! Keeping up with this group today took all I had :) I promised them on Monday or Tuesday we would do it, depending on who would be here on those days. Plus, I want to purchase the Geyser Cylinder to drop the Mentos into the Dt. Coke... I think it will be better for me. I am only hoping that 1 bottle of Dt. Coke will be enough :) These boys seem to want to do it over and over again!!!

I took to many photos, so I put them in the Smilebox again... hope you enjoy!!!

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