Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Turkey Fun

I found my cord!!! Yeah!! Where was it?? I put it upstairs with my computer cool down thingy, and totally forgot about it. So, my boys are off the hook this time :) I will have to upload some of the more fun photos for some other posts.
Today I want to talk Turkey... We have been talking about Thanksgiving, the meaning of Thanksgiving, what we are Thankful for, and so on... We made a placemat yesterday... and so today we decided to go ahead and make the Turkey. It was very cute to watch the kids work and listen to them talk about eating turkey, why Turkey's have feet, and why should we color their feathers. Here are our Turkey's and the kids are so proud of them they wouldn't even let me keep them for the bulletin board.

Have a Great Day!!!


  1. I love it. Are those paper plates?

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  2. These are adorable Michelle, and I'm glad you found your cord, words with pictures are always so fun! LOL!!

    I'm glad I found your blog as well as many others, I always look for inspiration from others.

    Have fun and simple afternoon!