Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Busy Morning

Wednesday Morning seemed to be a busy one... we had out lots of water play (since it was raining outside), we went through the tunnel, built with blocks, used our Sand Studio, made Head Bands, and talked Turkey. We had a lot of fun exploring how all our friends celebrated Thanksgiving.

Our Sand Studio is a big hit!! I am glad I made the purchase. I kept going back and forth about the price, but the kids really love it and get a lot of use out of it. We use it for anything they want... playing in the sand, tracing letters, making words (hence the letters in the background) and using the templates to make shapes.
I think the favorite though is being able to quietly (alone or with a friend) play with the little people or animals.

Water play is my favorite. We try to get water out everyday. We have had a baby washing station, just water in the sensory table, sponging tray work, washing the table or clothing tray work, the list can go on and on!! Water has so many possibilities and the kids just kind of lose themselves in what they are doing...

This happens to be a favorite!! We don't even have the boats anymore, but they use cars, motorcycles or little people... doesn't matter. There is a path to follow and they love to follow it :)

The kids have really been into their Monster Trucks lately and we have had this type of play going on from early in the morning, until they have to go home. They found out last week that if they moved the carpet around they would get hills, mountains, and ramps!! What Fun!!! So, we tell the other kids to be careful where you walk... we don't want anyone falling over!!!

We had a friend make up some feathers on her die-cut machine!! We used them to make our headdresses. We talked about Thanksgiving and the Native Americans that helped the Pilgrims when they came to America. We then extended the conversation to how WE help our families during Thanksgiving and how we can help them everyday!!

How do you help your family during Thanksgiving Time?
B: I make the food that my Mom makes. My Dad likes to eat it.
L: I go to my Mimi's house, Nana's house, and I do all the work. My Mom drives and my brother plays. My Dad is playing with my brother.
S: We eat and I help.
R: I don't like to help. I want to play games.
Those are some of the great responses I got. I love to listen to their thought process and see what comes out. We started Show-n-Tell Friday's and the kids can either talk about what ever they want, or show a toy and tell about that. I ask questions and they answer them so far, but every once in a while we will get one child who will go on and on about what ever it is they are telling us about. I love it. It gives them a chance to talk in front of the group... a skill it is never to early to start.


  1. Looks like you had a busy day, but don't you just love watching what happens when little minds are working!