Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Fun

ARGH!!! I can't find my wire for my camera!!!! I cleaned up the area that I keep it in and now of course I can't find it. I know I set it somewhere the kids couldn't get to it and now I can't remember where that place might be. I looked everywhere and still nothing!! I even got out the memory card thingy that should work... but tonight... NOPE!! So I am sorry that I can't post the pictures of us working today.

We did do a Hand Print Turkey Placemat, lots of crazy gluing, painting & scissor art, the great Do A Dot daubers, and sang some fun, silly Turkey songs. We also got to play outside in the beautiful 70 degree weather!!! The mud, sand and stray buckets of water definitely added to the fun.

Hopefully I will find that darn wire so I can download the pictures...

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