Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It has been a few weeks since I have written. I have been spending my time wondering... Being a Family Home Child Care Provider is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. I get goosebumps when one of the kids climb the ladder and look back at me with that huge smile... saying "Look at Me!! I DID IT!!!" I live for the moment when the littlest of the kids snuggles in my shoulder and tucks her arms under her and rests her head with a little sigh. How about the security that one of them feels every morning knowing that her transfer will be the same hug that she has received almost everyday since she started. Or what about the time a child comes in for the first time without crying and never cries again... that is a moment. The smile from a parent who know that their child will be okay as soon as they leave, or I will give the same seriousness to a hurt boo boo or story that they will. This is why I became a Family Home Child Care Provider. The passion I feel towards giving families a place to feel secure with, trusting, content... that is my business. It is personal, it is feeling, it is growing... it isn't get up, go to work, do my work and go home. All the paperwork, all the hoops we jump through, all the regulations... it can seem like a business, but I won't let it be. It is my job. I will help make these little people into the big people they will become. Even if they forget ME as a person as they grow, my hugs, my structure, my love will always be there. It may come out in a way they pronounce a word or a few gestures they make... it will be from the time they were here, in my home, with me. I Love My Job!! It Is Worth It!!! All Of It!!!


  1. My sentiments exactly. We have the best jobs in the world. I love the feeling of hot tears soaking through my shirt and onto my shoulder, knowing that they are turning to me for comfort and strength. I share your passion for giving parents and children a safe place for to learn.

  2. I wish more providers had this type of passion for their profession, that more providers considered this a profession, and that more people could understand those of us who have the devotion and passion for this profession.

    Last year, my sister made for me make DVD compilations of daycare photos set to music for a Christmas gift for the daycare families. I put together a whole movie night package for each family including plastic popcorn "bags", microwave popcorn, and theater style candy boxes. Anyways, I showed the DVD to my mother-in-law, who asked me afterwards "so how long do you plan to keep doing this daycare thing?". I guess she will never get it.

    It is all about the little things. The littlest moment can make the whole day worthwhile!

    Think about it this way, too: we are creating a more productive workforce. When parents do not have to worry about their child in childcare, they are going to be more productive during those hours.

    And that's enough of my rant!

  3. I agree 100%, if I allow the "business" part of my job get me down, I'd loose the joy that comes with the work that I do! I'm truly blessed to be at home doing what I love doing!
    My greatest joy is seeing my former kids come to me with a hug and a child on their hip, saying..this is Mimi, and she took care of me when I was little like you!

    Blessing to all that reach out to our kids!

  4. No one understands Family Child Care Providers like another FCC provider. You know the old saying.. it takes one to know one. Have you read " Play" by Lisa Murphy? She is the ooey gooey lady and a former FCC provider. When I read her book I felt very validated.