Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week in Review

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We had a great week this week!! We had some yucky weather, but always found time to go outside and run around for a little while. We get muddy and dirty but we definitely had lots of fun.

We went to the nature area and picked out our tree to study the season's with. We explored apples & appleseed's. Learning about Johnny "Appleseed" Chapman was fun too!! The kids loved exploring the sensory table. We put in cornstarch, cinnamon & all spice. It smelled wonderful in our room and the kids loved making apple pies, apple cakes, & apple creations... didn't matter what it looked like, it was an apple-something.

The older-infants/toddlers spent some time with the preschoolers during "quiet work" time. They got to use some of the materials they don't usually get to play with... paint, markers, cornstarch... they had a blast!! They can't focus for very long, but boy when they do there is no stopping them. If they aren't done yet, forget it. They will sit there until THEY are good and ready to move on. Then when THEY are ready to move on... that's it!! Paint everywhere between the art table to the bathroom, move over kids... N & M coming through!! It was fun to observe and I am so glad they had so much fun!!!

Paint was our focus this week... we used it in a lot of projects and the kids are beginning to get used to it. It's slimy and some of the kids don't want to touch it, so we provided bushes, q-tips, and spoons to paint with... but thankfully they all ended up at least trying to use their hands and fingers when they made the apples for the apple trees!! I was very impressed!!

I think it was a great week... We will be visiting a farm next week, so we will be learning about farms, farm animals, & friendship!! I will provide some more open-ended activities where the kids can explore lots of different materials. Now... again... off to bed for me!!! I have a busy day tomorrow ;)

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