Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Start of a New Year

We had a great first couple of weeks. I took some photos of everything we did, then I realize I can't put 129 photos on the blog. I want to because we do so many great things... we finished putting our Red Hearts together with a hand print that we took the middle and ring finger and put them down so it looks like the hands are saying "I Love You" in Sign Language. We read "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn. We thought this would be a great bulletin board (which I must get a photo for here) and it was.
We also made our own pizza, a school bus, did some transfer activities, easel painting, and that is just a few things :)
We spent a lot of time learning about our centers, how to use equipment, pulling material out and putting it away, and most of all... how to be a great friend. We know this will be a great year and the kids will have lots of fun... not even realize they are learning as much as they will be.

Mylo loves the Montessori activities

What 14 month old wouldn't love the easel??

The new listening center is a popular place!!

We have added the computer center into the mix... we have begun letting the kids use educational software for a short time during work time.

I love that the School Agers love the little guys... they love to play with them and the little ones love waiting for the kids to come home from school!! It is great to see their faces when they see the kids round the corner after they get off the bus.
I will have some more photos as we go along... I came home from traveling this weekend and wasn't able to organize as I want to... I'll get there :)

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  1. Maybe you could use an online photo site, like Photobucket, to upload your pics to and then link it to your blog. That's what I had to do when I realized my website couldn't hold all of my pics either!