Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun

Having fun at daycare today!! We are enjoying the beautiful, hot weather and taking our work outdoors. We filled the pools, buckets & sensory tables and brought the art table outside and had some artsy fun!! We had paint and brushes for everyone, we created Red, White & Blue Masterpieces!! We added some glitter and made"fire work" shows on paper... the kids thought that was great fun. We talked about fire works and the sound of them going off. All but 2 yr old S remember fire works from last year... a lot was discussed during our work today.

Making a fun mess!!

Hum... this is a good color for me...

Very serious work... they talked about mixing the colors together and what colors they made.

Some chose not to mix colors... but Red, White & Blue prevail

How the colors mixed for one of our Artist's!!

We also had some serious sea shell washing going on. S was very intent in having her "pet" snake help her today. (Don't know if you can see it there in her left hand... pinky)

Taking a break from the hot weather and doing some swingin inside... the best money I ever spent. Our swing is used often everyday... for the fun of it, for quiet time alone, an island for pretend friends, or just good ol' swingin!!

2 little friends learning to share, discussing "things", taking turns, and making friendships...
I love my job :)

Fine Motor and scissor skills... making a 4th of July Star Windsock
We are off to a great week and I look forward to ending it with our Trip to The Lazy 5 Ranch and 4th of July picnic with the animals...


  1. Hi Michelle! Thank you for commenting on my blog. I've added your blog to my favorites! I love your activities outside.


  2. okay, i can hear your love and enthusiasm in your voice.

    and please tell me how you installed your indoor swing.

    i want one in my living room!!!